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Unicorns vs. ‘Proficorns’ : The Pragmatic Path to building Private, Bootstrapped, Profitable and Valuable Businesses

Bootstrapping, Entrepreneurship, Proficorn, Startups

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Rajesh Jain ContraMinds Podcast

Rajesh Jain is a technology entrepreneur based out of Mumbai, India. Rajesh was a pioneer in Asia’s dot-com revolution, creating India’s first internet portals in the late 1990s. Today, he’s the founder of Netcore Cloud, a bootstrap, SaaS company that helps B2C brands and marketers create AI-powered new age customer experiences at every touch point of a customer’s journey. Netcore Cloud is a very successful global marketing technology company and what they offer is an AI-powered marketing automation and analytics solutions for customers globally.

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Show Notes

Podcast Timestamp – Questions

00.06.14 to 00.10.18 How Writing ‘Startup to Proficorn’ Came About

00.10.18 to 00.11.52 How Family Plays a Role in Entrepreneurship

00.11.52 to 00.16.47 The Unicorn vs Proficorn Entrepreneurial Mindset

00.16.47 to 00.18.34 Swami’s Thoughts

00.18.34 to 00.20.26 How To Spot a Proficorn

00.20.26 to 00.24.36 Balancing Operating Expenses and Vision

00.24.36 to 00.27.47 Hockey-stick Growth vs Shovel-shaped Growth

00.27.47 to 00.31.22 Swami’s Thoughts

00.31.22 to 00.34.59 Growing Too Fast, Too Soon

00.34.59 to 00.39.48 Storyteller, Storywriter & Story-builders

00.39.48 to 00.43.15 Compass vs Map in your Business Journey

00.43.15 to 00.47.02 Swami’s Thoughts

00.47.02 to 00.50.20 Succeed by Failing

00.50.20 to 00.53.08 Working Without Bias

00.53.08 to 00.57.01 The Worst-Case Scenario

00.57.01 to 01.00.34 Swami’s Thoughts

01.00.34 to 01.05.00 Learning Cashflow Early in Life

01.05.00 to 01.08.01 Defining Ambition in the Entrepreneurial Journey

01.08.01 to 01.11.16 Having an Advisory Board for Your Startup

01.11.16 to 01.15.09 Short Term vs Long Haul Mindset

01.15.09 to 01.18.02 Swami’s Thoughts

01.18.02 to 01.20.21 Proficorn Entrepreneurs Attract Like-Minded Clients

01.20.21 to 01.23.59 Taking Business Decisions Dispassionately with a Spouse

01.23.59 to 01.27.42 Cultivating a Writing Habit as a Work Ethic

01.27.42 to 01.30.29 Swami’s Thoughts

01.30.29 to 01.30.45 What is Success?

01.30.45 to 01.31.36 Best Advice Rajesh Has Ever Received

01.31.36 to 01.32.55 Advice to an 18-year-old at University

01.32.55 to 01.37.08 Four People Rajesh Would Invite For a Dream Dinner

01.37.08 to 01.39.07 What Rajesh Believes That Others Seldom Do

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Rajesh Jain ContraMinds Podcast

Unicorns vs. ‘Proficorns’ : The Pragmatic Path to building Private, Bootstrapped, Profitable and Valuable Businesses

Pooja Jauhari is the former Group CEO of VMLY&R India, and former CEO of The Glitch. Over her two-decade-long career, Pooja has worked with some of the biggest brands in the country and the world, and introduced powerful campaigns to society.

Pooja has worked with some brilliant people and has held important responsibilities over the past 20 years. She is the Founder of Seat At The Table, an unbiased investment and advisory initiative to invest in companies and people that are built on a purpose.

Prior to her appointment in the VMLY&R network, Pooja was the CEO of The Glitch, a high-performance creative company that has worked hard to create a workspace that is gender blind, inclusive and progressive. The Glitch was acquired by WPP, the world’s largest marketing communications company in 2017, and integrated into the VMLY&R network within WPP in 2020.