S. Swaminathan

Swami is the Co-Host of The ContraMinds Podcast and is the founder of ContraMinds Labs.

Swami is a Partner, Board Member, Co-Founder and Ex-CEO – Hansa Cequity, a leading Martech and Analytics company based out of Mumbai, India. He also served as the Exec.Director, R K Swamy-Hansa Group, one of India’s leading marketing communication and services groups. Before starting his own venture, he was the Executive Vice President and Head of iContract, a one-to-one Marketing Services Company of Contract Advertising, which is a part of WPP Group Worldwide.

Swami believes in the convergence of marketing, technology, analytics and digital. And that companies need to rethink and reimagine their products and services to significantly make a difference in what they do for customers. And also this must be done in newer ways never done before, so as to reconfigure customer experiences.

He is an Engineer and holds an MBA.

His interests and passions include Carnatic Music, Reading, Teaching, Blogging and Writing.

To know more about him, you can visit http://www.sivaramanswaminathan.com


ContraMinds is a podcast that explores thoughts and conversations around the DNA of purposeful minds. It tries to decode what really goes behind the minds of people with a purpose, what are their motivations and inspiration, attempts to understand the why behind what they do and how do they successfully accomplish what they set out do. It helps provide a mental framework, markers and a mind map for each one us to learn and discover from their life purpose, their cultural ecosystem and their experiences. These conversations will hopefully open your mind, help you put some these thoughts to practice both in your life and career.

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