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Brand Marketing Lessons from Google and the DNA of Creative Teams

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Samit Malkani

Samit Malkani is the Head of Brand Marketing, South East Asia and India, at Google.

He has developed and led programmes designed to bring Internet access, education, and empowerment to underserved communities, developers, students, and small businesses. He also leads Google’s Trust & Safety Marketing efforts.

He is an alumnus of Jai Hind College and Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication.

Show Notes

Telling great stories about Google Products & Services [01:57]

Google Marketing Org’s Motto [02:25]

Thinking from a Content Mindset [03:29]

The power of Google Search film- The Reunion [04:17]

Google Photos film – Story of Amit [04:35]

The true story of Srinath the Porter using Google Wi-Fi to study for the IAS Exams [06:06]

Creating Sandbox agencies to play – Key elements [07:00]

Remembering what is good work and bad work [09:51] 

How the Sandbox approach helped cracked a big idea [11:01]

Curating content for brands [15:01] 

Shaping your career [18.28]

Building solutions vs messages for brands [21:02]

Working with diverse teams at Google [22:40]

Being open to listening [24:39]

Working with engineers and building creative ideas [26:46]

Recommending creative-roles in a client organization [28:42]

What skill sets is required for a creative person to succeed in a client environment [32:25] 

Transformation of TV as a medium [35:07]

Learning the craft of Branding and Advertising [37:12]

How to build a habit of continuous learning [40:24]

Creative teams of the future [42:00]

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Samit Malkani

Brand Marketing Lessons from Google and the DNA of Creative Teams

Pooja Jauhari is the former Group CEO of VMLY&R India, and former CEO of The Glitch. Over her two-decade-long career, Pooja has worked with some of the biggest brands in the country and the world, and introduced powerful campaigns to society.

Pooja has worked with some brilliant people and has held important responsibilities over the past 20 years. She is the Founder of Seat At The Table, an unbiased investment and advisory initiative to invest in companies and people that are built on a purpose.

Prior to her appointment in the VMLY&R network, Pooja was the CEO of The Glitch, a high-performance creative company that has worked hard to create a workspace that is gender blind, inclusive and progressive. The Glitch was acquired by WPP, the world’s largest marketing communications company in 2017, and integrated into the VMLY&R network within WPP in 2020.