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Building a Business on the Power of Stories

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Narayan Parasuram

Narayan Parasuram is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the Karadi Tales Company.

He is also a Singer, a Music Director, an Independent Movie Producer, as well a Teacher. He was formerly a Member of the Faculty at K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering and IIT Bombay’s Industrial Design Center (IDC).

Narayan is a graduate of the IIT Bombay. He holds a Masters degree in Material Science and a Diploma in Sound Engineering from Clemson University.

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Show Notes

On Narayan’s childhood and how he discovered his passions (03:14 – 07:16)

Entering IIT Bombay, earning a Masters Degree at Clemson University, and pursuing a career in Sound Engineering (08:03 – 17:56)

On life and projects before setting up Karadi Tales (20:51 – 23:56)

On the origins and initial days of Karadi Tales (24:03 – 37:52)

Audiobooks and the Storytelling Tradition (37:53 – 38:56)

The story behind ‘The Wings of Fire’ Audiobook (39:05 – 43:10)

On the Principles of Storytelling at Karadi Tales (44:13 – 52:43)

On the collaboration between Karadi Tales and Disney (53:35 – 57:49)

Stories from the success of Jajantaram Mamantaram (59:31 – 01:01:28)

On the origins and production of GGBB (01:01:29 – 01:12:37)

Releasing GGBB and the challenges of being an Independent Movie Producer in India (01:12:38 – 01:17:54)

On the differences between Institutional and Non-Insititutional Education in India (01:22:08 – 01:31:32)

Manohar Parrikar and the Role he played in setting up Karadi Path (01:31:41 – 01:33:28)

Narayan’s Letter to the Primer Minister of India (01:34:06 – 01:36:06)

Why is there an Unspoken Hierarchy among Subjects in Educational Institutions? (01:36:07 – 01:40:09)

On Trade versus Craft (01:40:15 – 01:44:08)

The Power of Lifelong Learning via Non-Institutions (01:44:09 – 01:49:30)

Sales and Storytelling at Karadi Tales (01:59:02 – 02:01:18)

On JRD Tata and Beyond the Last Blue Mountain (02:01:44 – 02:07:48)

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Narayan Parasuram

Building a Business on the Power of Stories

Pooja Jauhari is the former Group CEO of VMLY&R India, and former CEO of The Glitch. Over her two-decade-long career, Pooja has worked with some of the biggest brands in the country and the world, and introduced powerful campaigns to society.

Pooja has worked with some brilliant people and has held important responsibilities over the past 20 years. She is the Founder of Seat At The Table, an unbiased investment and advisory initiative to invest in companies and people that are built on a purpose.

Prior to her appointment in the VMLY&R network, Pooja was the CEO of The Glitch, a high-performance creative company that has worked hard to create a workspace that is gender blind, inclusive and progressive. The Glitch was acquired by WPP, the world’s largest marketing communications company in 2017, and integrated into the VMLY&R network within WPP in 2020.